1-2 SEPTEMBER 2017

Carlisle Memorial Church • BELFAST

Get a ticket 2017

Get a ticket 2017

Each session ticket gets you access to the festival, a ABV17 glass, and a branded pencil and beer list.

Over 18 event only. IDs will be checked.

Tickets are non-refundable

For large group discounts, please contact us.



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ABV Beer Festival is returning to Belfast for a third year and we couldn't be more delighted to be back in the special surroundings of Carlisle Memorial Church.

There a few more things that we're determined not to change. We have the same simple vision - to bring people together in a special location to share exceptional beer and great local food. We've said it before and we'll say it again - great beers should be sipped, shared, talked about and debated in the company of some of those who create them. They should unite and divide. But most important of all, they should be savoured and enjoyed with friends, and strangers who might become friends, under one very special roof.

 In the last two years you've trusted us to do something different and supported our vision for a festival that sends you away with a warm, fuzzy feeling - and that's not just because of the beer :) Thank you for joining us, for loving beer as much as we do and for making that beautiful big room apositive, happy beery space.  When we made Carlisle Memorial Church our spiritual home last year, we hoped that you would love it. You did and we're really glad to be working with the fab folk at Belfast Buildings Trust to open those special doors to you all once more.

At #ABV17, we're bringing back our 30 taps and the best beer we can find from great breweries.  We'll have beer cocktails on tap, fantastic local food and exceptional brewers to talk to you about their craft. 

 Good people love good beer. Can't wait to see you there! 


What You Told Us

What You Told Us




'What a venue. What a beer selection. What a crew. #ABV16 You've outdone yourself. Roll on ABVFest2017!'
Caroline Hennessy, food writer, broadcaster and blogger @bibliocook

'Definitely the best run and most enjoyable festival for people in the industry.'
Danny, YellowBelly Beer @dannytrappe

'Fighting back sobs and wails as I prepare for my departure from Belfast and the magnificent ABVFest.'
Gaz, Mad Hatter Brewing @madhatgaz

'A truly phenomenal event. Simple but phenomenal.'
Adam Turkington via Facebook

'ABVFest. Everything is perfect. Just perfect. Take a bow. This is how beer festivals should be done.'
Conor @scofflawconor

'What a fantastic experience of a festival. Huge congratulations to the team of organisers and volunteers!'
Declan, YellowBelly Beer @yellowbellydec

'A big thanks and congratulations to all the organisers and volunteers at ABVFest - you guys - once more - nailed it.'
Breandán, Siphon Brewery and beer writer @belgiansmaak

'Wonderful weekend at ABVFest. More than a beer festival, this is an event that you need to be at next year.'
Tom Ray, Mourne Mountains Brewery @tomrayni

'Great work ABVFest - great venue, great beers and great vibe.'
Niall @niallc99

'Heading home after a fantastic weekend at ABVFest. Surely developing into one of the UK's best modern beer festivals.' 
 Matthew Curtis, beer writer, photographer & consultant @totalcurtis



What You Told Us

What You Told Us




'Can say without fear of contradiction that ABVFest is the best craft beer festival held in Ireland this year.'
Declan @thumundlark

'I absolutely loved ABVFest. The venue, the punters and the beer made it.'
Bernard @the_rusty_baker

'Amazing beers friendliness and fun. Can't wait for next year!'
Craig @craigdmc  

'That's us for another year - 3 sessions complete! Great festival - loved every minute of it.'
Claire @clairerogers141

'Most civilised beer festival ever.'
Noel @njgriffin

'I give thanks to everyone involved in organising the brilliant ABVFest especially the volunteers. And what an amazing venue!'
John @drjohndublin

'Well ABVFest has been a real treat. Some glorious beers. Well done to all involved.'
Maryann @spanglor

'What's that? Friday afternoon drinking awesome beer with awesome people? Well alrighty then!' 
Nikki @bridgetjonesni

'The whole set up is so conducive to establishing friendships. To the people we have meet, to the friendships we have forged and to the people we have yet to meet!'
Geraldine via Facebook

'Gotta say loved my Friday night session. Great atmosphere, everyone just having a good time and being super courteous. Created a really nice vibe. Company was good, beer was outstanding. Choice of venue was excellent.'
Marty via Facebook